Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Exercise Routine

Personally, I think the first thing, among the many things I need to do, is to start with exercise to lose the weight. I will end up with an easier to manage body and I can work my way up from there. Now after reading many articles on the best way to getting a male model body, I stumbled upon the Abercrombie workout. This is one of the many online forms that I found indicating a good way to begin forming your body and perfecting it. It's a three month plan, but hopefully I can find a way to extend it and get the most out of it.

I guess, in a way, I am cheating with the schedule they provided. For the first month, there is a strong focus on arms, legs, and core, with cardio religiously mentioned every day. Due to my lack of income and failure to own a car or gym membership, I will be doing this all at home with the aid of free weights and whatever I can find on the internet. I am replacing the cardio with Insanity, hoping to get not only the cardio, but a little extra muscle work in. For legs and back, I will be doing Brazil Butt Lift, for that perfectly round and lifted butt that I've always wanted. Hopefully with this little extra push I can accelerate my growth and transform. In that sense, I wouldn't be transforming into a moth, but more of a sad little drag queen moth with high hopes and no money.

Continuing on the fact that I have no money in which to spend, I will not be able to buy and take any supplements. This may have a disadvantage as to how much I will be able to gain in the way of muscle. I am working as hard as a model with almost no resources, which does make things a little harder, but hopefully once this takes off, I can do more to improve myself. We'll just have to wait and see.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Male Mentality

The New Ideal for Males
This article from CNN made me realize that I am not the only one striving for this new found "perfection"  that lies in society's wake. Men are constantly following the norm and trying to fit in and be seen. Hopefully more of you will see the meaning and the truths behind all of this. Body image is much more than how we perceive ourselves.

Starting with a Blank Slate

Most people talk about New Year's resolutions and how successful and productive they will be and all the transformations they will make throughout the year. We all know how well those last, and most of us, myself included, will be over with those resolutions after a few weeks. We believe we tried enough for one year and wait the rest of the time through before making new resolutions the next year. I fell into this vicious cycle and for as long as I could remember, I wanted to be skinny and attractive, like all the other kids at my school. Growing up, I was the lonely, chubby kid that people would only play with out of pity. After years of trying to lose the weight and failing, I finally decided to make an actual change and lost almost thirty pounds. I was able to keep it all off for a good six months before the holidays hit and I gained it all back. My motivation and self esteem took a huge hit. It was time for something different.

The idea for this blog is certainly not a new one of mine, in fact, I had come up with it several years ago and had wanted to follow through with it, but never had the drive to do so. But only now, with my vain desire to prove everyone wrong, has this blog come to life. Over the next few years I will  transform myself into a superficial man that lives up to society's standards. The perfect hair, the perfectly straight and white teeth, the body, the skin, the tan, everything. With support from family, friends, and fellow bloggers, I will own this and become fabulous. Hopefully it all goes well.

With love and regards,